Office Wear Guide – 5 Reasons Why Proper Business Attire is Important

The definition of business attire has transformed, especially within the past 20 years. Gone are the formal restrictions that dictated proper office wear for women. Instead, the world has, for the most part, adopted a casual, come-as-you-are approach to getting ready for the workday. Formerly taken for granted, a more serious business style of dress has fallen by the wayside and often, along with it, a more serious attitude toward the work itself. Many people have completely forgotten how to dress appropriately for the office. Companies of today are hardly any help; many allow their employees to dress casually, encouraging the trend for solely for comfort. In certain creative environments, this can work quite well. However, in the business world, it is still important to maintain a more traditional professional office dress code.

1. Office Wear Provides a Visual Image of Your Professionalism.

Remember that you are letting people know about you through what you wear. The way you dress for work is part of creating your “brand” for the world. Be sure that you are sending the message to the world that you intend by building a wardrobe of elegant office wear that says you are here to accomplish something great.

2. Office Wear Keeps You Ready for Anything and Anyone.

A day at the office doesn’t always mean your office. Often, the workday takes you out of the office for meetings or business lunches. There’s no need to stop for a change of clothes when a client calls when you adopt proper business apparel. A professional wardrobe keeps you prepared for wherever you may find yourself.

3. Office Wear Lets You Focus on What’s Important.

You want to show your best side when it comes to your career. It’s hard to get noticed for your efforts sometimes. Don’t add to your stress with ill-fitting or inappropriate office wear. Being properly dressed for the work means one less thing for you to have to worry about in your busy day. When you don’t have to worry about your appearance, you can focus your whole mind on the task at hand.

4. Office Wear Helps You Break Stereotypes.

In the past, if a woman wanted to exert power in the workplace, she often felt as if she had to get rid of all signs of her femininity. Often, the result was a boxy suit that had a masculine air. You don’t have to dress like a man to be properly dressed for the office. Choose basic styles with clean lines that fit you well for a look that says you are here to do business. A fine linen fabric in a lovely pastel palette shows the world the strong woman within. You don’t need to look inappropriate in the workplace to feel both beautiful and feminine.

5. Office Wear Boosts Your Confidence.

When you know you look great, it shows on your face. It tells the world that you believe in yourself and dares them not to do the same. A proper business wardrobe helps you build your confidence by covering your every need during the work day. It is a reliable tool to help you build your career and your life. You owe it to yourself to remove any lingering doubt from your mind – your office attire keeps you looking great in every setting and you know it.



The right wardrobe choices for the office can certainly make a positive difference in your career. Investing in a business wardrobe can be expensive, so you want to make good choices that will serve you well for years to come. You need to choose each piece wisely and there are many ladies office wear online shopping options. But with so many differences in company dress codes, how can you be sure you are always appropriately dressed? Here are a few basic guidelines for defining your professional look.

Be Modest.

This is one of the most important rules when discussing office attire for women. You want to get attention at work, but not for your sexy new fashion trends or inappropriate style. In this day of casual work attire, it is especially important to remember that leisure clothing and sportswear have no place in appropriate work wear. Instead, opt for chic office wear in Singapore that enhances your figure subtly. Choose from a lovely palette of pastels that will keep you looking appropriate while maintaining your feminine style and personality.

Be Comfortable.

Being properly dressed for the office shouldn’t mean being uncomfortable. You certainly don’t need any more distractions from your work and that’s what uncomfortable clothing is – a distraction. Take the unnecessary stress out of your day and keep your look simple. Make sure you are investing in quality office wear for ladies that will maintain its style. Your clothing should not only fit your body well, it should also fit your personal sense of style. If you are uncomfortable wearing an outfit, it will become a distraction.

Beware Casual Friday.

Although many companies have adopted “casual Friday”, you should make sure that you aren’t sending the wrong message to the business world. If you show up to work all week in professional office wear and suddenly show up on Friday in an outfit better suited for the beach, how will others view this change? A leisurely look may send the message that your workweek ended on Thursday and you are just here to occupy space until the weekend. Be sure that you maintain your professionalism and your professional image on Friday, so that others know that you haven’t started your weekend early.

Be Aware That Proper Etiquette Goes with Proper Attire.

Again, it all comes down to the importance of first impressions. Make sure that your mannerisms are in line with your office persona. If your casual demeanor is telling the world that you don’t take the work seriously, change it to fit your professional apparel. Send a clear message to everyone that you are serious about the job you are doing and that you respect their professionalism.

Be Sure to Strike a Balance of Employer Regulations and Individual Freedom.

You do not have to give up your personality to follow proper office wear guidelines, no matter how strict. The guidelines are there to keep everyone in the office on the same page, professionally speaking. If everyone in the office adheres to the same edict, it shows the world that you work together as a team. That is an important message for a company to send to its clients and its competitors. Your compliance in necessary for the imagery to work, so you must take the time to do your part to build the company’s brand with the public. However, no one wants to appear as a mindless drone, so don’t forget to show your personal flair in the office. If you need a splash of vibrant color to get through the day, opt for a gorgeous scarf or purse that feeds your fashion sense. Accessories are especially important when you want to personalize an appropriate office outfit because of their subtlety and fashion impact. Just be sure not to overdo – you don’t want to become a distraction. As it usually is in fashion, less is definitely more.


It can take some time to build a professional wardrobe, but it is something that every woman should invest in now. A good basic collection of basic office wear will serve as a foundation for many years to come, so invest in quality pieces made from fine fabrics with staying power. Take the stress and guesswork out of getting ready for work by relying on chic styles that showcase your professional assets. Stop racing out the door worrying about your outfit. See how a proper look for the office can change your whole morning focus and set you up for success.

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