Pastel Colour – 5 reasons why it is now a Fashion Trend of 2018

Pastel colours evoke feelings of youth and springtime. These colours are defined by their high value and low saturation and every colour in the rainbow can be seen in the pastel colour selection. The name comes from the art medium by the same name and the colours in this family are often described as soft and soothing. Pastel colours can be seen everywhere but are especially chic when incorporated into a modern wardrobe. Here are five reasons you should be wearing pastel colours in 2018.

1. Pastel Colours Have a Calming Effect

The soft hues of the pastel colour family have a psychological effect on the wearer and those involved with them. The light tones of lavender, pale pink, and sky blue send a calming message to the brain, making them great for any situation. Pastel colours look great at the beach, adding a carefree feeling to the day and telling the world that you are taking the day off from worries. At work, they help ease the feelings of tension in highly stressful settings and make you feel more confident. Colours have the power to add or take from your level of happiness in a given situation and pastel colours, like light tones of blue, pink, lilac, green, and yellow, have a positive effect on your mood and the moods of those with whom you work closely.

2. Pastel Colours Represent Rejuvenation

Pastels are the colours of spring when life is renewed for another generation. They can boost your energy level and express your youthful attitude to the world. They can bring new life to a dull business meeting in the form of a figure-flattering suit or dress. When you choose pastel colours in an airy, breathable fabric, such as linen, pastels can keep you cool, even on the hottest day.

3. Pastel Colours Can Be Worn in Many Different Ways

The spring and summer runways of 2018 were filled with an irresistible new colour trend: ice cream colours. Showcased in finely tailored suits and adorable dresses, the colours of lavender, lemon, pistachio, and strawberry sorbet never looked so good. From Celine to Victoria Beckham to Preen, ice cream pastel colours shone in sophisticated beauty, and now the exciting trend has hit the streets. And this trend has so many ways to fit into your wardrobe this year. Whether you are updating your professional wardrobe or looking for some fresh, fun outfits for weekend excursions, pastels are your best bet.


For this look, you choose only one colour and use it all throughout your ensemble. Striking and elegant, this method takes full advantage of the selection of ice cream colours available this year. Choose a tailored suit or dress in a subtle lavender or sky blue for a sophisticated ensemble for work. Effortless dressing in one colour looks anything but effortless. Indeed, it adds a professional style that sends a message of complete control, over both fashion and the task at hand. And you will be in great company with this look—fashionists like Victoria Beckham have rocked this look recently, to the delight of the fashion world.

Mixed Pastels

Try a few different pastel colours together in an outfit and create a soft, yet bold, look. Light colours like lemon, lavender, pink, and pale green pair nicely together to create a completely different effect than when worn separately. Careful choice of colours and an eye for complementary colours will help you decide what colours you find pleasing together. Wear two or more pastels at a time for a fun, fresh look for work or play. This daring way to wear pastel colours lets the world see, and be impressed by, your unique style and outlook on life.

With Neutrals

Pair your pastels with a simple neutral colour palette to put emphasis on the soft pastel hue. Even the lightest pastel separate will pop next to a white or tan suit or skirt for work. Paired with darker neutrals, pastels look striking by comparison. There are many options for your professional life that will set you apart from the rest of the employees. Look like you are ready for a day at the beach with a gorgeous pastel top and white shorts. Or choose a basic light denim bottom with a lovely pastel top for a breezy, carefree twist.

With Bright Clothing

Give your soft pastel clothing a bit of an edge by wearing them with fun, bright accessories and jackets. A vibrant scarf or purse adds another dimension to a subtle dress or top without overpowering the basic softness. Bright additions also add a youthful flair to your outfit and exhibit your fearless fashion sense. A bold jacket in a complementary colour will get you noticed when worn with a pastel dress, regardless of where you wear it.

4. Pastel Colours Flatter Any Skin Tone & Hair Colour

Unlike other tonal colour families, pastels look great on a wide variety of skin and hair colours. Pastel colours look fabulous with a dark skin tone, perfectly showcasing the tonal contrast for a fantastic summer look. Icy pastels glow against darker skin, bringing out your best features. For those with fair skin, pastels provide a less dramatic contrast than deeper tones because they blend with the light value of their skin. Blondes look wonderful in pastels for the same reason and pastels on those with light hair stir up images of summer fun. Pastel colours are a perfect choice for those with dark hair, as well. They provide a lovely backdrop to showcase the deep, beautiful tones and highlights of darker hair.

5. Pastel Colours Add a Sophisticated Air

One of the fantastic benefits of pastel clothing is its subtly beautiful style quality. Skip the shockingly bright reds, which can have an irritating effect on others, and opt for classic pastels in an array of pleasing colours. This year’s ice cream pastel colours offer a perfect example of sophistication in attire. Whether you choose to wear just one colour or mix and match separates, you will create a subtle, professional image that attracts attention. Show the world that you are in charge of your life, your wardrobe, and your business with a wonderfully stylish wardrobe that incorporates a variety of trendy pastels.


2018 is a great fashion year for pastels of all colours. With so many fabulous pastel colours to choose from, your spring and summer wardrobe deserves a little freshening up this year. You can wear them as you wish and whether you choose to wear them one at a time or blend them with other pastels, brights, or neutrals, you will shine wherever you go. Investing in fine-quality apparel in an array of beautiful pastel colours is a wise decision for anyone with a fashion-forward approach to dressing.

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