Are you the original Mphosis?

Though we are fans of the previous Mphosis clothing line, we are a completely new operation team that has no relation to the previous Mphosis operation team. We do want to bring the popular minimalist fashion sense of the original apparel brand back to the public, while adding our own unique vision to the line.

What is the plan for the Mphosis in the foreseeable future?

We hope to not only reach the enormous success of the previous Mphosis brand but surpass its fantastic popularity. We believe our new additions, in combination with the former brand’s reputation for high fashion standards, will help women create a classically beautiful wardrobe with a modern minimalist appeal.

What made you decide to bring back Mphosis?

When Mphosis began in 1994, it quickly took its place as one of Singapore’s most successful local brands. Easily recognised because of its unique focus on fine-quality women’s apparel with clean lines, Mphosis had a loyal following when it unfortunately had to close in 2015. The end of the previous Mphosis stunned many in the fashion world and their many customers, as well. We want to bring the superior quality and high-end style of the original Mphosis back to the public.